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FactEntry supports Fixed Income and Credit professionals by identifying disclosure information and improves information monitoring through quality research and data management.


The accuracy of bond data is paramount. It involves ensuring that all the information related to a bond, such as its issuer, maturity date, coupon rate and credit rating, is correct and up to date.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and natural language processing algorithms are widely used across our data analytics and data generation processes. This is complemented by our team of analysts, which together ensure effective, high-quality data solutions for our clients.


Bond data should be comprehensive, covering all relevant details about a bond. This includes not only basic information but also any additional features like call provisions, sinking funds and covenants.


Timeliness is critical in the bond market. Investors need access to real-time or near-real-time data to make informed trading decisions.


Consistency in bond data is essential for comparing bonds accurately. This means that data should be presented in a standardised format, making it easy to compare bonds with similar characteristics.


Evaluating the source of bond data is crucial. Reliable sources, such as bond issuers or regulatory agencies, are more likely to provide accurate and trustworthy information.


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ERISA Compliance Data

ERISA information is comprised of fields relating to the reviews of ERISA eligible investments and 401(k) portfolios by compliance departments. FactEntry reviews securities within bond portfolios analysing the prospectuses to determine ERISA eligibility.

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Solvency II Matching Adjustment

FactEntry MA solutions help buy side clients identify and source, from the 500,000 bond issues, individual assets that are eligible for inclusion in the MA asset portfolio.

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LEI Bond Mapping

The MIS (Mapping Instrument Service) service gives clients the ability to map across various asset classes e.g. CDS, Bonds, Equity and multiple exchange listings. The service is customisable, catering for the clients individual requirements.

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