Bond Valuation Engine – Evaluated Prices

Calculation engine that leverages the bond cash flow data and facilitates pricing of illiquid bonds.

Established in 2008, FactEntry is a trusted independent provider of bond data and documents, possessing in-depth understanding of global debt capital markets.

Our proprietary calculation engine utilises bond cash flow data to streamline the pricing of illiquid bonds. Leveraging inputs from brokers, market participants, and traded data, our Bond Pricing Valuation Engine is the culmination of over three years of rigorous R&D by a seasoned quant team with extensive experience in collaboration with banks and hedge funds.

Our Fair Value Data is accessible the following day for the preceding end-of-day before market opening.



  • XML delivered via FTP/API
  • FTP can be FactEntry hosted or client hosted
  • Frequency is daily overnight 7.00 AM GMT
  • Next day before the market opens

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