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We support Fixed Income and Credit professionals through quality research and data management

Bringing focus to the fixed income markets since 2008

FactEntry is a leading provider of global Fixed Income reference data, bond pricing, analytics and data solutions for market participants, offering a granular view of the market relevant to our clients’ data needs.

A comprehensive range of reliable and accurate information provides users worldwide with the data required to measure risk and establish pre-trade compliance and investment planning across all Fixed Income assets.


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FactEntry’s Fixed Income products are purchased extensively by professional institutions, connecting directly and via our distribution partners. For over 16 years, data vendors, asset managers, ETF participants, trading platforms and investment banks have chosen FactEntry to provide their Fixed Income data coverage and manage ETFs, structured products and indexes.

FactEntry is focused on applying the highest industry standards in content building and governance, employing transparent open-source methodologies. Our in-house quantitative team employs natural language processing and machine learning technology to build tools to address some of the major challenges in Fixed Income pricing and data.

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We are committed to solving data and bond pricing challenges to provide efficient and tailor-made solutions for all market participants.

FactEntry was founded in 2008 and is a privately held company headquartered in London.


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The accuracy of bond data is paramount. It involves ensuring that all the information related to a bond, such as its issuer, maturity date, coupon rate and credit rating, is correct and up to date.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and natural language processing algorithms are widely used across our data analytics and data generation processes. This is complemented by our team of analysts, which together ensure effective, high-quality data solutions for our clients.


Bond data should be comprehensive, covering all relevant details about a bond. This includes not only basic information but also any additional features like call provisions, sinking funds and covenants.


Timeliness is critical in the bond market. Investors need access to real-time or near-real-time data to make informed trading decisions.


Consistency in bond data is essential for comparing bonds accurately. This means that data should be presented in a standardised format, making it easy to compare bonds with similar characteristics.


Evaluating the source of bond data is crucial. Reliable sources, such as bond issuers or regulatory agencies, are more likely to provide accurate and trustworthy information.

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