Data: The new oil for ETFs

Stay ahead with the data advantage
Passive investing is gaining momentum globally- both in value and volume terms. As a result, ETFs are witnessing higher traction and growing investor interest. All of this makes it imperative to comprehensively track, accurately monitor and promptly report the risk-return trade-offs, opportunities, price movements and market exposure in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). So, while clients focus on managing the ETFs, FactEntry takes care of the ETF data. It’s a win-win scenario.

What we do

Your one-stop platform for quality ETF data
At FactEntry, we pride ourselves on being data specialists. Our expertise lies in delivering comprehensive data across the ETF universe spanning diverse asset classes – Equity, Fixed Income, Commodities, Currency, Alternative Assets and Hybrid. We track daily portfolio composition data across 14249 active ETFs under 700+ different umbrellas to provide in-depth insights and benchmarked performance metrics. Our data intelligence includes actionable strategies with comparative analysis against peers, sector and the underlying index. We also offer customized data products that cover region-wise ETF portfolios with inputs sourced directly from stock exchanges across the globe.

At a Glance

Geographical coverage: Covering 14,249 active ETFs under 700(+) different umbrellas
Data Format: XML, CSV, ISO 15022, PDF, JSON
Delivery Mechanism: FTP, email, API, website integration
Data Frequency: Daily, monthly, quarterly and annually
Data impact: Over 200 data points
Marquee Client portfolio: Investment banks, trading desks, hedge funds, stock exchanges, asset managers, securities traders, institutional investors, risk managers, financial data platforms and research analysts

Invaluable information for discerning market participants
Detailed content that spans multiple asset classes, diverse securities, underlying duration, capital structures, fund classifications, exposure to varied markets and sectors.

Asset Classes:

fund_underlying_asset_type Description
equity If the fund is 90% exposure to the stocks of the underlying index
fixed Income If the fund is 90% exposure to the fixed income securities of the underlying index
mixed If the fund invests in the mixed of asset classes of the underlying index
alternative If the fund invests in the non-traditional asset classes such as hedge fund, real estate of the underlying index
currency If the fund is 90% exposure to the physical currencies of the underlying index
commodity If the fund is 90% exposure to physical commodities of the underlying index




Fund Replications 1

Fund Replications 2

Fund Classification


Why choose us

Insightful data that drives impactful decisions
The risk-return trade-offs vary in accordance with a plethora of factors influenced by asset class, fund type, sectoral and market exposure, securities and beyond. Tracking multiple metrics on a real-time basis is imperative for prudent decisions related to holding, entry and exit from investments. FactEntry supports clients with timely and accurate data insights that cover the complete ETF investments ecosystem.

1. Real-time intelligence

Access comprehensive pricing and time series data for all ETF quotes globally that are listed on exchange traded platforms.

2. Holistic insights

Get the big picture right with wide coverage of fund pricing, performance metrics and ETF cost dynamics.

3. Suited for analysis

Our data offers unparalleled historical depth comprising fund holdings, constituents structured as full-month end formats or tradable daily basket units.

4. Authentic sources that enhance transparency

Capitalise on data feeds that source information directly from stock exchanges and seamlessly integrate with your investment portfolio.

5. Data drill-down functionality

Explore intuitive dashboards online that study fund composition in detail including holdings, asset class mix i.e. equity and debt securities, shareholding, market values and index weightages.

6. Useful for forecasting and predictive analysis

Monitor trends over time with time series data covering fund flows, AUM, NAV

7. Value-centric data that aids in decision-making

Access diverse critical performance indicators measuring fund efficiency, cost, risk assessment, tradability quotient and benchmarked values.

8. Robust platform with best-in-class process

We have developed proprietary ratings and automated scores that factor in quantitative data as well as information such as launch date, constituents and expense ratios.

How you can benefit

Navigate the data maze with the breadth and depth of our insights
Time is of the essence when it comes to investment decisions. Since multiple factors impact ETF performance, it’s critical to access real-time, comprehensive data that can accurately track the ETF universe. FactEntry’s core competence lies in delivering accurate ETF reference data with broad-based coverage across diverse asset classes, sectors, markets and fund types to clients. Unlock the power of data to accelerate efficient investment strategies.

1. Deep insights that enable quality decisions

FactEntry’s ETF data feeds help clients easily perform a wide gamut of activities from assessment and structuring of ETFs, analysis of potential trade to undertaking detailed research.

2. User-friendly tools

Clients can navigate multiple data sets including asset creation, redemption and holdings with enhanced customization capabilities and content presentation.

3. High transparency

Access global insights around ETF price and performance data including NAVs, offers, bids, assets, dividends and distributions

4. Effective aid in prompt decisions

Experience powerful features including Advanced Search options, Screening of data, Reporting, Analytics and Charting functionalities whereby clients can instantly access the exact data they need

5. Multiple sources that automatically validate data

FactEntry’s ETF data is an automated confluence of proprietary software derived unique data sets, client in-house data and third-party unstructured data

6. Absolute Assurance on Data integrity

Cutting across the boundaries of location and time, FactEntry’s ETF data is remotely retrievable by clients, at any point in time, to ensure a single version of the truth.


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