MATS (Municipal Action Tracking Service) tracks disclosures for portfolios of US Muni entities.

About MATS

The primary focus is to cover a comprehensive number of Muni Actions enacted by the issuer and ensure that they are transmitted to the user accurately and in a structured manner for ease of application either as a data feed or email alerts.

Who uses MATS?

We have a comprehensive coverage for all the muni events/disclosure. The service is focused towards the following client groups –

  • Risk Managers
  • Front Desk Research
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Syndicate Desk
  • Fund Managers
  • Hedge Funds


The challenge is that information in such disclosures are the key for the traders / dealers and fund managers to quantify the qualitative information and building that bridge is what defines the changes in the pricing of asset. Key benefits include –

  • Monitor all updates announced for continuing disclosure events
  • XML feed for defined events
  • Coverage includes 80(+) Muni Action types
  • Data granularity which calibrates the impact of the event
  • Data based on defined identifiers or entities (ticker) mapped in our database for a client
  • Highlighting the hidden information and comprehensive analysis
  • Ensure accuracy in any change
  • Positive identification of issues


  • XML delivered via FTP/ API
  • FTP can be FactEntry hosted or client hosted
  • Frequency is daily overnight Eastern Time within 24 hours of announcement
  • Next day before the markets opens
  • Front end for the data is


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