A term used to describe securities that carry little risk. Government bonds in both the UK and South Africa are known as gilts. The name comes from original UK government bond certificates which had gilded edges.

Greenshoe Option

A provision contained in an underwriting agreement that gives the underwriter the right to sell investors more shares than originally planned by the issuer. A greenshoe option can provide additional price stability to a security issue because the underwriter has the ability to increase supply and smooth out price fluctuations if demand surges.

Gross Up Event

The term Gross-Up usually applies to Fully Serviced Leases (sometimes also called "full service leases). In fully serviced leases the tenant pays fixed amounts for certain services on top of a rent for the actual space leased. For example, the landlord pays for common area maintenance (CAM) expenses. The landlord then divides this fee by the number of gross square feet in a building and charges each tenant an amount based on the percent of square feet the tenant occupies.