Fixed Income Securities Database

FactEntry’s Security Master File data provides the most up to date, comprehensive, validated and reliable source of Fixed Income Reference data.


Our Fixed Income Securities Masterfile, FIDO, offers terms and conditions coverage for corporate, government, agency, preferred and convertible bonds.


Clients can either take our entire feed of data or a bespoke package defined by you and priced on a per bond, per issuer or per volume basis.

Clients can save time and efficiently cut through extraneous details and pinpoint the exact information that is required from our vast bond database.

Ability to manage and map relationships between different reference data sets which exist in an enterprise.

Easy to configure and administer reference data.

Types of users include the following teams

  • Compliance
  • Market Data
  • Risk Management
  • Trading Desk
  • Valuation
  • Fixed Income Research
  • Structured Finance
  • Liability Management

FIDO Advantages

  • Provide direct and bespoke feed to the software user platform
  • Save time and manage important assets more efficiently
  • Obtain superior results, with details of the legal source
  • Adaptable data feed allows addition of new security types in the future
  • Dual-Keyed data for accurate extraction
  • More productive research
  • Accurate and quicker settlement processing e.g. fewer breakages
  • Improved accuracy in valuation and theoretical models requiring complete static data

FIDO Data Includes

  • Amount Issued
  • Entity Security Identifiers such as ISIN, LEI and Common Code
  • Maturity
  • Currency
  • Liquidity Thresholds
  • Seniority
  • Coupon Types
  • Full Call, Put and Sinking Fund Schedules, Plus Call Frequency
  • Covenant Information


  • XML delivered via FTP/ API
  • FTP can be FactEntry hosted or client hosted
  • Frequency is daily overnight Eastern Time
  • Historic information delivered in bulk by years
  • New Issues delivered daily
  • PDFs naming convention will be the Bond Identifier


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