Financial Indices

FactEntry has launched a risk management benchmarking data series.

We provide indices which can be sliced and diced to produce the combination which the risk manager expects when reducing their operational headache.

We provide special emphasis to the underlying reference data and where the pricing data is sourced from. Defining criteria for level of pricing liquidity is valuable. The critical key is ensuring that the end user is aware of the quality of the underlying data of the index to ensure that the reliability and confidence in the data is maintained.

Wikipedia quotes:

In finance, an index is a statistical measure of changes in a representative group of individual data points. These data may be derived from any number of sources, including company performance, prices, productivity, and employment. The key is to measure change for risk, investment return or even performance.

In the current regulatory environment where the focus on independent benchmarking or valuation plays a pivotal role in the financial markets, Indices have become mission critical and the dependence on them is growing. Supporting with reliable underlying data is the key to the confidence in the indices.

Regulators are focused on reducing risk in the markets and especially in OTC products. We are working towards supporting such challenges where end clients have limited operational capabilities and want pooling of risk benchmarking effort.

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