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Corporate Actions can occur at any time. These include rights issue, stock splits, reverse stock splits, hive-offs, mergers and acquisitions and the like. Each of these events can cause the company or its share price to be impacted- either positively or adversely. Since ETFs hold a strong correlation to the price movements of underlying company shares, any corporate action would affect ETFs. That’s why it’s important, as a prudent investor, to stay in the know. This is where FactEntry comes in.

What we do

Driving sustained impact. Each and every time.
FactEntry determines the best measures in a commercially viable way to factor in the impact of the corporate action. These may range from portfolio rebalancing, adjustment of positions and prices to safeguard the financial value equivalent of ETF. Alternatively, we may adopt a passive approach of fully reflecting the impact of the events on the underlying holding assets.

At a Glance

Geographical coverage: Covering 14,249 active ETFs under 700(+) different umbrellas
Data Format: XML, CSV, ISO 15022, PDF, JSON
Delivery Mechanism: FTP, email, API, website integration
Data Frequency: Daily, monthly, quarterly and annually
Data impact: Over 200 data points
Marquee Client portfolio: Investment banks, trading desks, hedge funds, stock exchanges, asset managers, securities traders, institutional investors, risk managers, financial data platforms and research analysts

Comprehensive data-driven insights

Deep-dive content that covers varied fields including share class level changes as well as fund level changes.

Share Class Level changes Fund Level changes
Change in reference index following method for an ETP from physical to synthetic replications or vice-versa Existing fund provider acquired by another fund provider or fund
Change in the primary identifier of the instruments Termination of ETF with pay out to the investors
Amendment to ongoing charge fees\total expense ratio of an ETF fund ETF fund merged into an existing or new ETF fund
Decreases in the number of outstanding units in a fund A new issue of an ETP (Exchange Traded Product)
Increases in the number of units in a fund Change in reference index following method for an ETP from physical to synthetic replications or vice-versa
Changes in the unique identifier of the shareclass of the fund

How you can benefit

Make informed investment decisions
A one-size-fits-all approach while monitoring ETF corporate actions can be counterproductive. Each ETF product is uniquely structured and the needs of market participants vary. This brings to the fore the importance of leveraging upon the specialized data solutions that are customizable. FactEntry brings extensive expertise and a vast suite of data-driven insights that can accelerate superior investment

1. Global expertise

Access real-time, quality data from key financial centres spread worldwide, provided for straight-through processing

2. Timely delivery

Robust proprietary technology with optimized data processing, stringent quality benchmarks and support infrastructure that function round the clock

3. In-depth insights

Automated updates on all corporate actions tracking probable impact scenarios –best case, base case and worst case with rigorous risk monitoring.

4. In-built flexibility

Supports multiple formats and delivery mechanisms including all kinds of corporate actions comprising fund level changes and shareholder level changes

5. Laser-focused offerings

Rich data capabilities with drill-down granular details that cover multiple markets and are suited for varied customer profiles

6. Proven track record

Strong history of delivering high performance fixed Income risk management, analytics, and data solutions for diverse market participants

Why choose us

Winning features that unlock efficiencies
FactEntry’s one-of-its-kind fixed income ETF data solutions seamlessly cover all corporate actions that impact the fixed income ETF asset class listed on indices worldwide.

1. Unparalleled accuracy

Deployment of transparent open-source methods for data sourcing, as recommended by regulators and easily accessible by market participants

2. Trusted by industry leaders

Reliable data with accurate inputs, suitable for valuable application in real-world situations towards fixed income ETF creation, product structuring and index performance tracking

3. One-stop platform for fixed income ETF assets

Gain invaluable insights into all fixed income ETF assets from risk assessment, performance monitoring, regulatory changes to investment planning.

4. Authentic data

Absolute adherence to industry standards and best-practices in content building and data governance

5. Robust security standards

Strong guardrails related to data integrity and strict compliance with regional rules and regulations in data sourcing, compilation and presentation

6. Customization advantage

Tailor-made solutions powered by cutting-edge NLP technology for varied fixed income data challenges to unlock efficiencies for diverse stakeholders

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