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Data Management- RIM

RIM: Reference Information Management for Credit Markets

RIM service is a blended mix of product and outsourcing component in one flexible model.

In the global financial markets the world is split between data vendors and outsourcing companies where the role of providing that niche value to the clients especially for lean operating team does not exist.

Clients / Users source data from major vendors in bulk with feeds and contracts running into years even if the need is for partial or limited dataset. It is the responsibility of the operation team to clean the data, structure it so that it can link and map to pricing data or settlement processes. This can be a complex and never ending process when the focus is to invest in assets to produce yield rather than just create an ultimate reference dataset.

Developing bespoke RIM is the job function of FactEntry.

As an overview RIM effort can be grouped as focus on:

We offer the end user service of maintaining their entity database along with underlying instruments and the attributes linked the issuers and instruments on a daily basis including any mappings to external vendors. The instruments can be bonds, equities or any other related OTC product to any asset class.

Our product expertise which spans all credit products including Loans, Credit Default Swaps, CDOs' and cash instruments like

When the Reference data management is centralised to FactEntry the first thing you will notice is our flexible and scalable approach and the fact that we can tailor our service to exactly fit the clients need, from the provision of just a few brief mapping exercise through to a completely managed service where all ongoing changes like :

Although the application and RFP for the RIM can vary from client to client, our aim to help identify the issues and provide the most appropriate bespoke proposal.

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