Cross Mapping- LEI

About MIS Service

The service gives clients the ability to map across various asset classes e.g. CDS, Bonds, Equity, Equity Futures and multiple exchange listings. The service is customizable and catered for the needs of the client.

Why Financial Institutions need the Service?

Financial Institutions are ever-evolving to produce better returns on their portfolios and investments.

It is a complex task to relate one set of financial instruments with another keeping in view the rapidly changing and growing sets of instruments trading in the modern financial market.

The difficulty of this is further fuelled by internal Chinese walls which make the task of consolidating data across varying assets classes near impossible. But in current turbulent times it is imperative Operational Risk Management can value risk across its financial institution.

Operational Needs for BASEL III

BASEL III is focusing the attention of Investment Banks on managing risk across all asset classes and sources of pricing. It requires a financial institution to measure its risk across all asset classes for counterparty or an issuer.

This is only possible if the financial institution has the ability to cross-map all assets.

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