Enabling the market to identity and compare bonds at ETF, Index and Global Issue level

Comparable Bonds Benchmark (CBB) allows institutional investors and market intermediaries to efficiently identify and analyse comparable bonds to index constituents, ETF constituents, portfolios or individual bonds, optimising investment and trading decisions.

Unlike equities or currency pairs, corporate bond markets comprise hundreds of thousands of bonds, many with similar characteristics.

Comparable Bonds Benchmark (CBB) allows ETF Issuers, Market Makers and Portfolio Managers to identify and analyse potential alternative bonds in an efficient, consistent framework leading to opportunities for broader investment of assets.

Structural illiquidity is not new to the corporate bond markets but was previously offset by the application of dealer trading inventory. In today’s illiquid markets efficient management of comparable bonds is key to maximising investment and trading decisions. Comparable Bonds Benchmark (CBB) provides efficient, consistent identification and analysis of comparable bonds against user defined criteria.


  • XML delivered via FTP/API
  • FTP can be FactEntry hosted or client hosted
  • Frequency is daily overnight Eastern Time within 24 hours of announcement
  • Next day before the markets opens
  • Front end for the data is www.CompareBond.com


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