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Coca-Cola FEMSA announces the successful pricing of its social and sustainability bonds in the Mexican market for a total of Ps. 6,000 million, becoming the first non-financial corporate in Mexico and the first corporation from the consumer sector to issue financial instruments with a social label in the Americas.

“This issuance reaffirms our commitment to the development of our communities, while endorsing our environmental projects’ goals and our vision of placing sustainability at the heart of our business. As industry leaders, we at Coca-Cola FEMSA are convinced that sustainable and social financing enables us to promote projects that generate a positive impact, creating social and environmental value for our stakeholders,” said John Santa Maria, CEO of Coca-Cola FEMSA.

Eduardo Osuna Osuna, Vice President and CEO of BBVA Mexico, commented, “BBVA Mexico is strongly committed to promoting actions that enhance social development in order to support the communities in need, and that are positive for our environment.” He added, “The bank has supported its clients by participating as an intermediary in the placement of green and social bonds, reaching an amount of more than Ps. 21,000 million year to date.”

Additionally, Juan Carlos Pérez Rocha, Deputy CEO of Wholesale Banking of HSBC Mexico stated, “At HSBC we are committed to a sustainable future and, therefore, to providing solutions to our clients that support them in their transition to a low-carbon economy. We are proud to be part of this important placement for Coca-Cola FEMSA, which positions them as the first corporate in the consumer sector to issue a social bond in America and the first investment grade corporate in the food and beverage sector in Latin America to place a sustainable bond.”

The net resources from these bonds will be used to finance projects focused on the development of the communities in which the Company has a presence and that respond to their local needs. Coca-Cola FEMSA has become the first non-financial corporation in the Americas and the first company in the Coca-Cola System to issue a social bond, making the financing of social projects available to investors. Among the outstanding social projects are support programs that provide entrepreneurial and self-employment skills, financial solutions that support store owners, and investments in sustainable community development, including water replenishment projects and water access in vulnerable communities.

This issuance complements Coca-Cola FEMSA’s Green Bond placed in 2020 and Sustainability-linked Bonds issued in 2021, and reinforces the Company’s commitment to its stakeholders, particularly in the territories where it has presence, aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through actions that impact both the environment and communities. In addition, by financially empowering initiatives in the hands of women, these actions respond to the United Nations’ Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs).

As part of the issuance, the Company published a Sustainability Bonds Framework, which is aligned with the 2020 Sustainability Linked Bonds Principles (“SLBP”), as administered by the International Association of Capital Markets. This Framework includes the pillars that guide the Company’s long-term sustainability strategy, as well as key indicators that are aligned with its sustainability goals for 2030. Additionally, the Company obtained an opinion from S&P Global Ratings, an independent third party, confirming that the projects included in the Sustainability Bonds Framework are aligned with the industry’s best practices.

Information on the Sustainable Bond Framework and the opinion of the independent third party is available at: https://coca-colafemsa.com/en/sustainability-bonds/

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