Global bond database covering corporate, sovereign and agency issued prospectuses since 2007

About BondPDF

BondPDF is a global bond database covering corporate, sovereign and agency issued prospectuses since 2007. The database is updated intra-day with over 1,500 new issues being loaded monthly. BondPDF is searchable using reference meta data and free text. The service is also available as a feed in XML.

Who uses BondPDF?

Clients can save time and efficiently cut through extraneous details and pinpoint the exact information that is required from our vast bond database. Types of users of include the following teams –

  • DCM Origination
  • Market Data
  • Risk Management
  • Trading Desk
  • Transaction Management
  • Fixed Income Research
  • Structured Finance
  • Convertible/Exchangeables
  • Liability Management
  • Compliance

Why BondPDF?

BondPDF is searchable using FactEntry’s unique reference data in the web-site. Alternatively this information can be supplied as a feed to facilitate straight through processing and reduce the time taken to identify comparable issues. Clients have unique access to XML feed, prospectus web-site and the APIs.

  • Unique filtered search results
  • Enter multiple ISIN searches via API
  • Obtain superior results, with details of the legal source
  • Audit trail data back to original prospectus source
  • Documents and T&Cs deliverable in XML feed for STP
  • More productive research
  • Meta data available when bond is announced in market
  • Bond type: fixed; variable; hybrid; convertible; floating and CLN
  • Security identifiers such as ISIN, LEI and Common Code
  • Redemption type: callable; bullet; puttable; and amortising
  • Seniority
  • Fixed Income professionals provide helpdesk support


  • XML delivered via FTP/ API
  • FTP can be FactEntry hosted or client hosted
  • Frequency is daily overnight Eastern Time within 24 hours of anouncment
  • Next day before the markets opens
  • Front end for the data is


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