About Us

An independent company based in London, FactEntry (FE) was founded in 2007 by ex-Markit Group employees who were also involved in setting up Markit India. Our company was set just before the financial crisis hit the Credit market in 2008 and thus we are aware of the challenges of data research and data sourcing.

In 2009, FE built a relationship with Thomson Reuters (TR) - the premier online global provider of financial information, providing information to their clients globally and developing new reference products for improved calibration of risk.

Building flexible, structured disclosure processes are now essential in data research in the markets.

Our level of experience has resulted in us identifying opportunities in the Fixed Income and Credit Derivatives markets for high quality, accurate data and bespoke customised data across various asset classes. The information that is critical for accurate pricing and valuation of credit instruments and effective risk management.

We help give clients the ability to convert qualitative decisions into quantitative opinions and investments facilitating maximum transparency.

In the ever changing market climate it is critical that Portfolio Managers can accurately value their Fixed Income and Credit Derivatives portfolios and the risks each security is exposed to, therefore it's critical to accurately capture key covenants which are backbone to Reference Data Management.

We understand financial markets are increasingly developing complex debt instruments to minimize risk and maximize returns.

The challenge lies in structuring that data while delivering seamless and meaningful information to the end user and drawing their attention to granular details which are hidden deep inside the deal documents or agreements.

Our Team, led by industry experts, is therefore constantly evolving processes to ensure they are in line with market trends and requirements, and are committed to developing innovative, industry-leading methodologies for capturing high quality, dependable data at minimal cost to our clients.

For further information on FactEntry please mail: info@factentry.com